Welcome to Nanuva Ingredients

Nanuva Ingredients is a company dedicated to producing high-quality ingredients from previously selected fresh fruit, which then are dried under low temperature and asepsis conditions until final packaging. This has transformed Nanuva Ingredients in an alternative preferred by consumers of healthy and free of any additives food.

Our main goal is to provide our customers with a state-of-the-art quality products, by selecting the best fruits and using optimal technology to process them, with no additives; thus resulting in a » dried fruit in different formats, and fully maintaining the properties of a fresh fruit.

In addition, Nanuva Ingredients has developed a » line of super fruit powders such as maqui and blueberries, both used in the nutraceutical industry as potent natural antioxidants.

Why choose Nanuva Ingredients?

Raw materials grown in Chile

Use of raw materials grown in Chile, under unique weather conditions in the planet.

Dried by hot air and sunshine

High level of food safety, greater than freeze-dried ingredients, dried by hot air and sunshine.

Powders produced with Spray Dry

Additive-free products; 100% fruit. No use of carriers or protectors such as maltodextrins.

Multiple applications

· Antioxidants and Polyphenols
· Phytonutrients
· Vitamins and minerals
· Aromas and Flavors
· Texture
· Multiple applications

Benefits to rural harvesters

Benefits for Chile rural harvesters of wild fruits.

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