History Nanuva Ingredients

Nanuva Ingredients is the result of years of research by the founders of this company, who sought how to deliver a one-hundred-percent natural (with no additives), healthy and safe product for the ingredients industry in the world, minimizing the losses of properties of fresh fruit.

Our company is strategically located at the Bíobío Region, in the south of Chile, in the blueberries and wild harvesting native fruit center.

Currently, our company is positioned as a leader in Agro-industrial innovation, using low temperature and high efficiency drying processes unique in Latin America.

With this, Nanuva Ingredients is recognized by its customers as a dried fruit processor with colors, shapes, flavors and nutrients very similar to those of fresh fruit.

Nanuva Ingredients is positioned as a provider of healthy ingredients used in the snack food, functional food, nutraceutical and cosmetics industry such as super fruit powders.

Finally, one of the main goals of the company is to produce powders from the most antioxidant-rich fruits in the world, such as native Chilean berries (maqui, myrthe, Magellan barberry), for the nutraceutical industry.

Vision and Mission



We appreciate the little things of nature, the smell and taste of fresh fruits. We also appreciate nutritious and healthy food. That is why our products are made with the utmost care. In Nanuva Ingredients, we carefully process each fruit to obtain the best product in the market, keeping the natural qualities of all the products such as shape, flavor, color and phytonutrients.

How do we do it?

It has taken years, but perfection takes time. We do not need to add any additives or strange ingredients for our powders and fruit to be good food; we only work with fruit as raw material. Our clients know that when they buy Nanuva Ingredients, they are opting for a real nutrition based on whole foods for their products.

The tendency to eat well is increasing. People demand more of the foods that our bodies receive. We want to be healthy and live as well as can. We use food not only to feed, but also to celebrate and enjoy. Why not eat only the best?


We have a dual mission. On the one hand, it consists of providing our customers with a top quality product, selecting the best fruits and using optimal technology to process them, with no additives, obtaining as a result a dried fruit in different formats, maintaining a very high percent the properties of the fresh fruit. On the other hand, it also consists of being leaders in the field of healthy ingredients from fruits worldwide.

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Our Team

Bernardo Chávarri

Bernardo Chávarri

General Manager

Ingeniero Civil
Universidad Federico Santa María
» bchavarri@nanuva.cl

Bernardo Chávarri

Tomás Huerta

Export and Supply Chain Manager

Ingeniero Agrónomo
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
» thuerta@nanuva.cl

Bernardo Chávarri

María Teresa Huerta

Management and General Cordinator

Administrador de Empresa
Escuela de Negocios Concepción
» mthuerta@nanuva.cl

Bernardo Chávarri

William Burdus

Commercial Manager

Ingeniero Civil Industrial
Universidad Federico Santa María
» wburdus@nanuva.cl

Eileen Burdus

Eileen Burdus

Public Relation Manager

Universidad del Desarrollo
» eburdus@nanuva.cl

María Paz Larraín

María Paz Larraín

Commercial Assistant

» mplarrain@nanuva.cl

María Paz Larraín

María Gabriela Aceituno

Commercial Assistant

» gaceituno@nanuva.cl

Vanessa Dourge

Yasunori Matsumoto

Commercial Assistant Japan

» ymatsumoto@nanuva.cl


Eileen Burdus

Sora Baek

Commercial Assistant South Korea
» sbaek@nanuva.cl


Eileen Burdus

Pilar Birebent

Commercial Assistant Belgium and France
» pbirebent@nanuva.cl


Eileen Burdus

Luis Vargas

Commercial Assistant UK
» lvargas@nanuva.cl