Benefits Nanuva Ingredients

Did you know that Nanuva Ingredients foods are full of benefits for your health?

Recent researches from prestigious universities in North America endorse drying processes used by Nanuva Ingredients. These are performed at low temperature, without the addition of other ingredients (100% fruit) and under unique aseptic conditions in the field of dried fruits. This maintains most of the nutritional characteristics of the fresh fruit and increases food safety.

"When consuming Nanuva Ingredients dry fruits, you are consuming health."

Arándanos enteros

High in Pro-anthocyanidins

High concentration of polyphenols

High concentrations of Vitamins

High in phytonutrients


High Bioactivity

Helps Memory

Reduces LDL

Prevents arteriosclerosis

Disinfection of urinary tract



Reduces cellular oxidation

Fights Alzheimer

Facilitates learning

Improves memory

Regulates metabolism

Strengthens the cardiovascular system

Prevents neurodegeneration

Prevents Obesity

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