Nanuva products are very versatile due to can be included in different preparations, from smoothies to more elaborated meals.

Here you have some ideas of how you can use it:

1. For breakfast, you can add a spoon of Nanuva powder to the yogurt, and in addition add oatmeal, granola, cereals, or fruit.

2. You can make delicious smoothies combining different flavors of Nanuva powder.

3. You can make pancakes more fun by adding some Nanuva powder like blueberry or maqui. Because of their natural pigments, you can add a spice of color to your preparations.

4. You can prepare cakes, cupcakes, lemon pie, or any pastry preparation you can think of by adding it to the dough or the toppings.

5. You can add a spoon of powder to your salad.

6. You can prepare herbal teas.

7. You can add it to your coffee.

8. You can prepare refreshing juices.

9. You can also add it to cocktails to make pisco sour or mojito berries.